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Heres the story..

We were at pride, watching square pegs perform. i knew something was going on towards the end. all of our friends were around and i could tell cyn was getting all nervous. she knows the lead singer of square pegs, and cyn sings, so i thought maybe she was going to sing a song with her to me. When square pegs finished up their set, cyn got on stage… well, you can see the rest from there. She put the ring on the opposite finger because it wasnt my “real” ring. We went to pick the ring out later, its beautiful and is being resized now.

The day.. the way she proposed.. everything was perfect. We have been getting an overwhelming response of love and congratulations from our friends.. i dont think i’ve stopped smiling since that moment on saturday!! i’m so INCREDIBLY unbelieveably happy!

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It’s time.

Okay, just watched it and cried again.

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all together now…” awwwwww” 


all together now…” awwwwww” 

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Hello new followers!

I want to get to know you! Are you getting married soon? Are you just obsessed with weddings? are you waiting for your significant other to propose? Do you just love looking at pretty things? I want to know your story.. send it in an ask and i’ll post my favorites!

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Proposal done right!
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One of my all time favorite movies <3

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Engagement photo idea
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Engagement photo idea

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